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Saturday 30th September 2017

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 

(A practical workshop exploring some of the latest developments in mindfulness-based therapeutic interventions)

ACT has been scientifically researched and proven to be effective in helping people with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Even those with severe psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia have gained remarkable benefit. It has also produced similarly high levels of success with some of the less serious conditions which we may encounter in our day-to-day work, such as smoking cessation, weight reduction and reducing stress. The high level of supporting scientific evidence has ensured that ACT has grown in popularity as a form of psychological treatment around the world.

This energetic, workshop style training is great for mindfulness teachers, hypnotherapists, counsellors and life coaches. With a full set of notes and slides, the course teaches the primary structure and protocols of ACT, including: 

Six core principles – of psychological inflexibility – an ACT model of psychopathology 

● Six core principles – for psychological flexibility – core therapeutic processes of ACT 

● Scripts and script development ideas 

● Templates for worksheets 

● Metaphors for creative interventions 

● A session by session approach with ACT 

● Guide to integration with other therapeutic approaches

Tutor: Nick Cooke 

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £150)

Call to book: 020 3369 3360




Saturday 4th November 2017 

Coaching For Hypnotherapists

Coaching is a great tool for developing potential, creating a vision or achieving goals. It can be helpful for almost anyone who wants to change something, but who doesn’t want or need therapy. A coach will establish through a series of questions, what an individual or team wants to achieve. They will then help them to set specific steps to reach their goal. It is a very effective way to get significant results within an agreed time frame and will often appeal to a different audience from those seeking therapy including self-employed individuals and small business owners who want to grow their business, increase their profitability or build their brand. In the corporate world, employers will frequently use coaches to improve the performance of teams and individual staff members to develop their skills or to prepare them for changes in the organisation.

This interactive CPD day will teach you:

* Build rapport with clients

* How to ask the right question at the right time

* classical coaching strategies such as the GROW model & Wheel of Life

* how to combine coaching tools with hypnosis to help clients set & achieve goals

* how to motivate and support your clients with tasks out of sessions to create long lasting change.

Tutor: Annabel Roberts

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)

Call to book: 020 3369 3360


Sunday 7th January 2018

The Art of Storytelling - Utilisation & Metaphor (in the moment)

Tutor: Lorraine McReight

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)

Call to book: 020 3369 3360


Tracey GristSunday 4th February 2018

Working Successfully with Children and Teenagers

Working with children a whole different ball game.

 A five year- old will NOT sit still and let you hypnotise him – he’ll giggle and fidget, and talk and wriggle so we have to do hypnosis in a more “covert” way! Using games, stories and role play which contain subliminal words or phrases that will go to that child’s subconscious mind and hopefully change their way of thinking about their problem.

A teenager will not appear to be interested and yet, like an MI5 agent will be taking on every movement, every tone, every mannerism to judge you and whether you are one of them or one of ‘us’. They will test you probably more than any adult would.

Working with children is a workshop that will look at the best ways to work with children of all ages, from picky eaters and bed wetters to pathological demand avoidance and exam anxiety.

From storytelling to teenage ‘brutal honesties’ this one day workshop will give you methods and techniques for working with children of all ages with all sorts of complaints and issues.

The workshop will demonstrate how to prepare, what type of hypnosis from storytelling to suggestion to use, and what scripts may be of value for each client (and their parent) that comes through your door.

How to manage the different parent types in the office and with homework, you will gain an understanding through case examples, workshop practice, and scripts, all to keep in your working with children specialist kit.

For this workshop, you will have two trainers - Elaine Hodgkins a specialist with young children and Tracey Grist a specialist working with teens.


Tracey Grist and Elaine Hodgkins

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)

Call to book: 020 3369 336   Email:


Tracey Grist

Sunday 23rd March 2018

Past Life Regression

This Past life workshop will be a day of experience for you, the practitioner. A chance for you to experience what a past life could feel like - a chance to reflect on what we do actually believe and learn to give space to each other’s beliefs as some of us may be able to let go and journey all the way, others may have to use guessing; use our senses to presume what a past life may feel like. We will experience a guided past life hypnosis and have the chance to practice with our fellow therapists to guide each other through. The day is designed for practitioners to experience Past Life regression and how we can use and apply it in our day to day practice.

Tracey is a hypnotherapist, trainer and NCH Assessor as well as being the chair of the NCH. She works from several clinics across south and central London.

Tutor: Tracey Grist

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £150)

Call to book: 020 3369 3360