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Ericksonian Hypnosis Module - 5 Day Intensive Practitioner Course

If you are interested in learning how the use of language can really effect change in people, then this module will fascinate you. Milton Erickson was a noted American doctor, psychiatrist and hypnotist, known for his unique approach to clients and therapy. Erickson has inspired many therapists with his direct, artfully vague and permissive techniques as well as his direct and confusional style. Ericksonian Hypnosis is also an important element of NLP, so you will learn some really effective NLP interventions as well as hypnotic trance techniques. In this module you will discover how language reflects and creates our world.

You will learn:

Effective communication skills (NLP Meta & Milton Models)

The structure and approaches of Milton Erickson

To create a resourceful state for yourself and others

To help clients change how they view things through re-framing

The NLP Fast Phobia Release

How to induce hypnosis through Direct, Indirect & Confusional methods

The therapeutic uses of NLP Timeline Strategies

And many more skills and techniques...

This intensive five day practitioner course will teach you how to build deep levels of rapport with others to facilitate rapid, positive change. You will learn how to use metaphor, confusion and indirect hypnosis to help your clients release unhelpful emotions and limiting beliefs. Ericksonian techniques can be very subtle, very straightforward or magical and using them could really help your clients feel happier. This module is available as a stand-alone professional Practitioner Certificate or can be combined with three further modules to comprise the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.

Training resources are provided with each module along with practical and written assignments.