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What we're about...

Our strap-line is 'practice-ready therapy training' and that's what we're about. We want you to graduate from our training, well-prepared, confident and excited about starting your therapy business. Having been a full-time self-employed therapist since 1995, I've been saddened by the number of competent therapists I've met over the years, who've been unable to make a living from their passion - their therapy.

Therapy attracts people who want to help others. You may have chosen to train as a hypnotherapist for that very reason. It can be scary after training for a whole new career to have to become an entrepreneur overnight and to set up a business. That's why practice building is a regular topic throughout all the modules.                                                    

Our interactive classes in small, supportive groups mean that all students get a chance to practise and contribute. Volunteer clients often visit our training sessions, allowing students to get a 'fly on the wall' experience of therapy, which they tell me they find a very valuable learning experience. Feedback has shown that academic results alone do not lead to confidence to practise, so we work hard to ensure that you have a good balance of theory and practise. Our courses are designed to equip you with everything you need, and we believe that our training offers a well-rounded approach to therapy study.