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Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy Module - 5 Day Intensive Practitioner Course

(This module includes Classical and Analytical Hypnosis)

If you are intrigued by how the unconscious mind works and how you can help others in their quest for change, then you'll love this module. You will practise developing your communication and rapport-building skills with clients and discover how 'secondary gain' can keep a person holding on to symptoms. You'll learn how to facilitate clients on their therapeutic journey by uncovering and resolving deeper issues using regression, and how to assist clients experiencing pain or panic. Feeling confident to use these powerful, healing techniques is essential, so you'll get all the support and practice you need to work effectively with these issues.

You will learn:

To build deep rapport with clients 

How to use counselling skills for therapeutic change

How to assist clients with psychosomatic symptoms, with pain and IBS 

Effective techniques for treating stress, phobias and anxiety states

Effective techniques for working with children

Safeguards and ethical considerations

Hypnotic regression techniques including 'Free association' and 'Direct to cause

Other psychotherapeutic techniques such as Gestalt 'Empty Chair' & EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing)

This intensive five day practitioner course will enable you to assist others in overcoming long-standing issues using brief therapy interventions. By understanding how to help people move into a solution-focused mindset you can help them to lead a more fulfilling life. You can book this module to gain a stand-alone solution focused hypnotherapy certificate or combine it with three further modules in order to attain the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.

Training resources are provided with each module along with practical and written assignments.