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Independence Day

Jun 29, 2019

Are you enjoying your life? For most of us this is a question that requires some thought. If I narrowed my question down, would you say that you are doing something you chose to do (and love) or just found yourself where you are? Do you wish your week away and live for the weekend? Maybe you are missing out on enjoying 'now', watching the clock at work or waiting for that weekend away or foreign holiday to bring you that spark of joy? As we head towards the USA’s Independence Day it might be natural for our thoughts to turn towards our own lives.
Perhaps the most important question is: Are you happy with where life is taking you? Do you feel as if you have independence? If the answer to this is 'No' then you certainly won't be alone, but are you waiting for something to change or are you planning to act? Are you allowing life to just 'happen to you' or is it time to put yourself in the driver’s seat. The reasons that we live our life the way that we do can be complex.
If you’re reading this article you’re likely to be interested in how the human mind works. Perhaps you’ve been considering taking the plunge and retraining for a new career, but uncertainty or fear of change has prevented you from following this through. Our life experiences shape the way we view things and therefore our decision-making strategies.
How you see your future is affected by your beliefs. Many of us carry around ‘baggage' and have unconsciously made limiting decisions about ourselves. It is these decisions that so often prevent us from creating the future that we want. It doesn't have to stay that way though. Once we become aware of our self-imposed 'blocks' and appreciate our role in their construction, we can set about changing or removing them or getting help to do so. Once we decide that our goals and dreams are attainable we can start taking effective action towards achieving them.
The great thing about working as a hypnotherapist is the change we help our clients to make. Witnessing our clients re-assess old perceptions and move towards the future they want is a very rewarding experience. If you’d like to help people to find their freedom from a life or career they haven’t chosen or no longer want. Independence Day is upon us and new opportunities await all of us who want to reshape our lives.

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