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Want to know the secrets of effective weight control?

Jul 20, 2019

If you’ve looked at a magazine in recent years or listened to the radio you’ll know that the dieting business is very big indeed. We frequently hear about new celebrity diets and weight loss programmes that are dressed up as nutrition advice. The plethora of information on what helps us to lose weight healthily is often conflicting and the benefits of any particular approach are not always clear or fully explained.

Weight loss tips may include avoiding eating carbs after 6pm, not mixing carbs and protein or ‘fasting’ for certain days of the week in order to ‘detox’ our bodies. Advice from public health officials tends to be more ‘conventional’ - to always eat breakfast or to count calories and so on. In the UK waistlines are expanding every year even as hundreds of articles about the latest celebrity endorsed plan are published in tabloids, magazines and online.

There is clear evidence that diets don’t work long term.95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it within 1-5 years. This means that we need to approach weight loss from a different, more holistic perspective. What’s missing in both the commercially driven communications and the advice from the NHS is the idea of listening to our body’s own messages. Our bodies will usually try to signal that we’ve had enough for instance, or to crave fresh fruit or water, but these signals are all too often ignored by us or simply not recognised.

Therapists will see many clients who want help to lose weight with hypnotherapy and in our Solution Focused Hypnotherapy module we teach techniques for effective ‘no-diet’ weight loss strategies. You will be able to help your clients become more attuned to their bodies as well as any associated emotional matters relating to food and eating decisions. You’ll learn how to empower clients to make the changes that they want in their lives.

By working to increase their self-esteem you can enable clients to feel good about themselves and not see or judge themselves in terms of their size, shape or weight. When you help a client ditch the diet mind-set you can help them focus on making healthy changes to their diet and lifestyle that will remain for the rest of their life. Rather than just reducing calories and battling hunger pangs, hypnotherapy can help people to learn about how their body works.

It may be that part of your treatment will involve you teaching your client stress management techniques or emotional regulation. This will help them to deal with life events and challenges without reaching for sugary sweets or creamy cakes. This is because the stress hormones that put us into a fight or flight mode are reduced.

You can also use cognitive behavioural techniques taught in the Hypno-Psychotherapy module to help your client become aware of the reasons that they unconsciously eat. Perhaps they struggle to put the bag of sweets away before it’s empty or they eat to stuff down feelings. When they work with a hypnotherapist they can start to uncover the why’s of these behaviours and you can teach them new and healthier strategies for dealing with their feelings.

If you’d like to empower clients and help them change lifelong patterns of thinking and eating, request a prospectus here or book for our next Discovery Day here.

The next Solution Focused module starts on the 7th September in  West Yorkshire and 12th September as a weekday module in London.

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