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Why making time for yourself can be an effective therapeutic tool

Aug 21, 2019

In a few weeks we start the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy module of our hypnotherapy practitioner training. Solution Focused Therapy looks at the things a person can do to improve their quality of life; it is future-focused and positive in its approach.

During September there is a Day called “National Read a Book Day” which encourages people to unplug from their busy lives and spend some time reading a book. It can be something they’ve read before which really resonated with them, or something new that tickles their fancy. The point of the day is to spend some time engaged in an activity which is enjoyable and absorbing.

In the SFH module our students learn that changes need to happen outside of the therapy room, if a client is to achieve their goals. It’s not enough to just come for hypnotherapy and be passive, the client is encouraged to think of things that will make them happy and bring them closer to their goal and to take steps towards achieving them.

Many clients are not practising self-care when they arrive in our therapy rooms and this may be one of the first things you look to address as a hypnotherapist. In some cases their lives may be so full of obligations and chores that they’ve completely lost sight of activities that they do purely for recreation. One of the techniques that we teach that helps clients focus on activities that are pleasurable to them is a sensory awareness inventory. This can be especially useful for clients who come with anxiety or depression as it helps them connect in with activities, places and sensations that they enjoy.

By making a change in their behaviour, the client opens up the possibility for a change in their thoughts and feelings. When you adopt a solution focused approach with a client you can help them become clear on what would be happening in their lives at the time they decide that their presenting issue has been resolved. Using careful questioning and listening you are taught to draw out what the client believes is their solution and can help them learn the skills to take themselves there.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions as it empowers clients to find their own solutions, including taking more time for themselves engaging in activities that they find enjoyable or relaxing. For more information about completing the LHA Practitioner Diploma why not join us for a FREE Discovery Day?

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