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Friday 27th April OR

Sunday 16th September 2018

Coaching For Hypnotherapists

Coaching is a great tool for developing potential, creating a vision or achieving goals. It can be helpful for almost anyone who wants to change something, but who doesn’t want or need therapy. A coach will establish through a series of questions, what an individual or team wants to achieve. They will then help them to set specific steps to reach their goal. It is a very effective way to get significant results within an agreed time frame and will often appeal to a different audience from those seeking therapy including self-employed individuals and small business owners who want to grow their business, increase their profitability or build their brand. In the corporate world, employers will frequently use coaches to improve the performance of teams and individual staff members to develop their skills or to prepare them for changes in the organisation.

This interactive CPD day will teach you:

* Quick ways to build rapport with clients

* How to ask the right question at the right time

* Classical coaching strategies such as the GROW model & Wheel of Life

* How to combine coaching tools with hypnosis to help clients set & achieve goals

* How to motivate and support your clients with post-session tasks to create long-lasting change.

Tutor: Annabel Roberts

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)


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Sunday 6th May 2018

Therapeutic Metaphor - a practical workshop

(Using client-focused metaphors and utilisation in hypnotherapy)

Making up metaphors on the hoof can be daunting, but using personalised stories in your hypnosis sessions can be a very effective way to work with all types of clients for many types of issues. Conversational metaphors can help your client absorb suggestions as the stories will bypass the conscious critical mind. In this workshop, you learn ways to elicit useful material from your client that you can use in your therapy session. You will also learn how to create and layer 'everyday stories' into your hypnosis sessions. You will observe a live 'fly on the wall' demo session and then work in groups to create your own metaphors so that you can develop your confidence and skills. Telling stories in trance is very rewarding for client and therapist alike and can result in powerful, painless change for the individual. After attending this class you can expect to feel more confident to ad-lib in your therapy sessions and to use a mixture of real and cleverly constructed stories to help your client to achieve their desired outcome.

Tutor: Lorraine McReight

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)

Call to book: 020 3369 3360

Email: [email protected]

Sunday 2nd September 2018

One Mind, One Body

An integrated approach to Neurological Disorders

'One Mind, One Body … an integrated approach to neurological disorders’ will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently offer effective help to clients with these conditions. Those skills will include a thorough understanding of the conditions together with the treatment protocols, plus an introduction into the world of the Psychosensory Therapies appropriate to these conditions, essential tools for these and many other conditions.

By the end of the course you should:

  • Have a clear understanding of a number of neurological disorders
  • Have a clear understanding of the brain, nervous system and muscle control functions in relation to neurological disorders
  • Understand the physiological and psychological effects
  • Be able to formulate and execute a treatment plan
  • Offer support and guidance to local groups and medical profession

Tutor: Nick Wright

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)


Call to book: 020 3369 336 Email: [email protected]

Sunday 18th November 2018

Mindfulness For Hypnotherapists

What exactly is mindfulness and how can it help? At its essence, it’s all about being present in the moment. You’ve probably noticed that the number of clients coming to you for stress related issues has increased, and perhaps you’ve noticed the effects of stress in your life.

As we all become busier, we become less connected to the present moment. When was the last time you were truly absorbed in the moment, the here and now?

Most of us, and our clients, spend most of our time multi-tasking; constantly running through our mental ‘to do’ lists while we complete household chores, eating at our desk while we work, or talking to our families while we run errands. How can we enjoy all the fleeting moments that make up our lives if we are never truly present in them?

Recent studies show that practicing mindfulness on a regular basis not only promotes mental clarity and a sense of peace, it also helps improve our physical health. By relieving stress it boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, aids sleep, and alleviates gastrointestinal problems. The principles of mindfulness also help clients with issues such as anxiety disorders and unwanted habits and weight issues. By bringing awareness and mindful attention to a situation you can help shift your client from struggling with negative emotions towards accepting and being with whatever is happening in their lives.

In this one day workshop you will learn the principles of mindfulness based approaches, including how or when to introduce them to your client. This is an experiential day full of practical techniques that you can implement in your practice to help your clients connect to the present moment and become more mindful.   

Tutor: Abbey Robb

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)

Call to book: 020 3369 3360

Email: [email protected]

Date TBC

Working Successfully with Children

Working with children ...is a whole different ball game

A five year- old will NOT sit still and let you hypnotise them – s/he’ll giggle and fidget, and talk and wriggle so we have to do hypnosis in a more 'covert' way! Using games, stories and role play which contain subliminal words or phrases that will go to that child’s subconscious mind and hopefully change their way of thinking about their problem.

In this workshop, we will look at the best ways to work with children of all ages, from picky eaters and bed wetters to pathological demand avoidance and exam anxiety. From storytelling to teenage ‘brutal honesties’ this one day workshop will give you methods and techniques for working with children of all ages with all sorts of complaints and issues.

You will learn how to prepare, what type of hypnosis (from storytelling to suggestion) to use, and which scripts may be of value for each client (and parent) that comes through your door.

You'll learn how to manage the different parent types in the office and with homework, you will gain an understanding through case examples, workshop practice, and scripts, all to keep in your working with children specialist kit.

Tutor: Elaine Hodgins

Fee: £120 for NCH & APHP members (non-members £140)


Call to book: 020 3369 336 Email: [email protected]