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Hypno-psychotherapy Module - 4 Day Intensive Practitioner Training Course

If you are interested in what drives or challenges individuals in their life and work, you'll love our hypno-psychotherapy training module. You will study the background and theory of traditional psychotherapy schools and modern psychotherapeutic models in your digital training resources. In your classroom training, you will learn about modern psychotherapy and counselling training approaches which work well with hypnotherapy to bring about powerful changes for your client. We'll show you how to utilise a variety of interventions and how you can use them for rapid change. You'll then get to practise these methods in the class with other students.

You will learn:

An overview of psychotherapeutic theories and approaches

How to use trance work in conjunction with other methodologies

Cognitive Behavioural Approaches and how to use them with clients

How to help clients identify and change unhelpful and irrational beliefs

Introduction to Gestalt Therapy (empty chair technique)

Free Association and Direct to Cause Regression

Inner Child Healing

Hypno-analysis for uncovering and healing deep-rooted pain

Introduction to Psycho-sensory techniques

EMDR for trauma and phobia work

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or 'Tapping')

And many more skills and techniques...

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Training in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is included in your hypno-psychotherapy training and you will be taught how to use this popular, evidenced-based approach in conjunction with hypnotherapy. You'll also be supplied with a range of CBT task sheets to use with clients in your therapy sessions.

You will watch a live classroom demonstration of EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Re-processing), an extremely effective psychotherapy technique for helping clients suffering from phobias, trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). You'll also have the opportunity to practise this powerful technique with fellow students under close supervision of the course tutor, Lorraine. Trauma and phobias are problems which many clients will seek your help with and it's very valuable to learn a variety of psychotherapy approaches that work well in conjunction with hypnosis. You'll also have the opportunity to practise this powerful technique with fellow students under close supervision of the course tutor, Lorraine.

We will train you in the Gestalt Therapy 'Empty Chair' technique which will involve a practical demonstration and then classroom practise with classmates. Another fascinating and valuable technique that you will learn and try out in class is ‘Tapping’ or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which you can teach your clients to use at home. It’s a great way to stop cravings and compulsions and is a great way to interrupt patterns of behaviour. We’ll teach you how and when to use these complementary techniques and what issues they can help with. Learning how to use a range of additional interventions in conjunction with hypnosis can help you offer to an extra service to your clients and teaching them helpful strategies to use at home can be really beneficial.

In this training module we'll teach you the theory and purpose of regression. You'll learn a variety of hypnotic regression techniques including the affect bridge, inner child healing, non-directive regression and free association (in hypnosis). You'll be supported and supervised through your classroom practise, so that you will safe and comfortable in all your classroom sessions.

This intensive 4-day practitioner course will teach you the skills you need to assist clients with complex emotional and self-esteem issues as well as destructive patterns and behaviours. You will learn how to use hypnosis in conjunction with other powerful psychotherapeutic techniques to bring about meaningful change.

This module is available as a stand-alone professional Practitioner Certificate for counsellors and NLP practitioners or can be combined with the four other modules to attain the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.

Training resources are provided with each module along with practical and written assignments.