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Medical Hypnosis Module - 4 Day Intensive Practitioner Training Course

In this module you will learn about the relationship between thoughts and physiological responses and psychogenic (psychosomatic) and neurological disorders You'll learn how to assist clients in managing unwanted physical symptoms, reduce related fears and to visualise their desired outcome.

You will learn:

The legal and ethical considerations of working with clients with a medical diagnosis

How to help clients reduce and manage pain and uncomfortable physical symptoms

The causes and symptoms of IBS and how hypnotherapy can help sufferers

Hypnotherapy for clients living with cancer and other significant diseases and disorders

How to teach clients techniques to manage and reduce their pain

The benefits to patients of dental Hypnosis and when and how to use it

How to support clients with their diagnosis and prognosis whilst maintaining positivity

How neurological conditions can be managed through hypnotherapy

Introduction to Hypnobirthing concepts and techniques to teach clients who want a gentle birth

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This intensive four day module will teach you how to assist others in accepting and managing physical and neurological conditions and the associated fears and emotional distress.

Training resources are provided with each module along with practical and written assignments.