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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Module -

4 Day Intensive Practitioner Training Course

If you are motivated by a desire to help clients in their quest for change, then you'll love this training course. You will develop your communication and rapport-building skills and discover the benefits of using solution-focused therapy approaches. You'll learn how to encourage clients to focus on what they want (rather than what they don't want) and to assist them to achieve their therapeutic goals and reduce or manage a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms.

You will learn:

The importance of the therapeutic relationship and how to build rapport

The benefits approach to habit or behaviour change

How to assist clients experiencing low mood or depression

Stress reduction and stress management techniques

Rapid interventions for panic attacks and anxiety disorders

Successful strategies for working with children and teenagers

Pattern interruption techniques for cravings or compulsions

How to help clients who self-medicate or self-soothe with food

Sustainable Weight loss strategies

Smoking cessation strategies

Safeguards and ethical considerations for working with children and adults

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Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a powerful modern approach which derives from Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSFT). In psychotherapeutic terms solution focused hypnotherapy is described as a brief therapy and the premise of this approach is that the client is encouraged to focus on their desired outcome rather than what may have caused their current difficulties. You will learn client-centred counselling approaches to use in your consultations with clients. We will teach you effective solution focused questions such as the 'Miracle Question' which will help your client to imagine what the future will look like when their problem has been resolved.

Many clients will seek the help of a qualified therapist for stress management, so in our training we cover the causes and symptoms of stress and how you can teach your client effective strategies to reduce stress.learn strategies to help clients who are experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and discover how you can use hypnotherapy to assist clients who are feeling low and to teach them techniques which could help them to manage their mood. We will teach you about the 'benefits approach' to habit modification and how you can work with clients who self-medicate with food or alcohol.

You will learn strategies to help clients who are experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. You will discover how you can use hypnotherapy to assist clients who are feeling low and to teach them techniques which could help them to manage their mood. As with all our training modules, you will get ample opportunity to practise your hypnotherapy skills with other students and watch live classroom demonstrations so that you will gain confidence in using these techniques under supervision in the classroom.

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly popular as a method of helping children and young people to change unwanted behaviours such as bed-wetting or phobias. Children will often need help to deal with uncomfortable emotions, such as stress, anxiety and sadness. Exam stress, bullying, family problems or issues at school can all be reasons parents will seek your help. Children respond very well to hypnotherapy as they are very imaginative, but there are many differences in how to use hypnotherapy for children, teens and adults. Teenagers problems may differ to those of younger children and their attitude to therapy and therapists will sometimes be very different too, so learning how to manage varying age groups will be included in your hypnotherapy for kids training.

This intensive four-day practitioner course will enable you to assist others in overcoming long-standing issues using brief therapy interventions. By understanding how to help people move into a solution-focused mindset you can help them to lead a more fulfilling life. You can book this module to gain a stand-alone solution focused hypnotherapy certificate if you are a counsellor, NLP practitioner or psychotherapist or combine it with four further modules in order to attain the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.

Training resources are provided with each module along with practical and written assignments.