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Feedback from students on CPD Courses

I recently attended a London Hypnotherapy Academy CPD day. The title of the event was ‘One Mind, One Body: An Integrated Approach to Neurological Disorders’ and was presented by Dr Nick Wright.

The information that we received, the clear and comprehensive way in which Dr Wright explained neurological disorders and the psycho-sensory tools and techniques he taught us in the session were highly interesting, informative and useful. I would recommend Dr Wright’s seminars to anyone interested in how hypnotherapy and complimentary psycho-sensory tools and techniques can be used in order to treat neurological disorders and give clients the opportunity to experience relief and freedom from the effects of many debilitating neurological conditions. This CPD event gave me the information and skills to deal therapeutically with neurological conditions not just symptomatically but in terms of getting to the heart of why so many people suffer such debilitating conditions in the first place.

Thanks to Lorraine McReight for organising such an interesting and valuable CPD event.

Tutor: Dr. Nick Wright (One mind, one body; an integrated approach to neurological disorders

Tracey has a wonderful way of making the serious subject of Anxiety feel exciting and uplifting. Her unique way of approaching this training course makes it one not to be missed for picking up new ways to help your clients. Thank you.

Tutor: Tracey Grist (Working successfully with anxiety states)

After recently attending Tracey Grist's 1 day CPD workshop 'Working with Anxiety', I just wanted to say what a thoroughly enjoyable day it was. Tracey is extremely knowledgeable, provides lots of valuable tools to add to your tool box and has loads of positive energy which is so refreshing to be around. Thank you! 

Tutor: Tracey Grist (Working successfully with anxiety states)

Tracey is an energetic presenter. Her teaching style exemplifies what makes hypnotherapy itself so valuable as it draws on imaginative and experiential ways of imparting information. So not only did I learn a lot about how to work with anxiety, I also got some new ideas about how to bring my sessions alive and more effective.

Tutor: Tracey Grist (Working successfully with anxiety states)

The training appeared to be very informative, with a good amount of practical solutions and interventions which could be used with a broad spectrum of clients. Without a doubt, Tracey has a lot of experience in that field and she skillfully applies many amusing metaphors and enchanting sketches to make it more comprehensible. What is more important, I can see myself reproducing them in the therapy room to the benefit of the clients. The course contents, vibrant presentation and memorable illustrations made the training excellent. Thank you!

Tutor: Tracey Grist (Working successfully with anxiety states)

Wow... I was really blown away with Dr Nick's class on Sunday, I'm still buzzing. This is right up my street and something I am going to bring it into my London practice.

Tutor: Dr Nick Wright (One Mind, One Body, An integrated approach to neurological disorders. An introduction to psycho-sensory techniques)

I attended Dr. Nick Wrights course One Mind - One Body and it was excellent. Great content - I have worked with people with neurological disorders as a Dental Hygienist but this taught me so much more and to see that these conditions can be helped with hypnotherapy was amazing. Nick has a lovely manner and was very helpful when we were doing the practical work. All in all a great day and he gave us a wonderful folder with so much information in, I shall look forward to further courses by him.

Tutor: Dr Nick Wright

Annabel addressed a lot of content concisely and in a manner which was comfortable and generally easy to follow. Thumbs up from me! Thanks Annabel and Lorraine

Tutor: Annabel Roberts (Coaching for Hypnotherapists)

I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day ‘Pure Coaching’ workshop with Annabel in October 2015 organised by Lorraine McReight of the London Hypnotherapy Academy. Annabel’s expertise, experience and overall persona made for a great weekend workshop. The sessions were interactive, informative and enjoyable and not only did I learn how to work with and coach clients more effectively, but in the practical sessions I was able to identify and adjust a few of my own glitches!

Tutor: Annabel Roberts (Coaching for Hypnotherapists)

I really enjoyed Annabel's coaching training and certainly felt I learned a lot from it. Annabel's delivery was excellent and easy to listen to and the practical exercises she set us were most informative. So much more to coaching than I realised.
Tutor: Annabel Roberts (Coaching for Hypnotherapists)

An excellent session, very well organised and presented. A clear structure, well planned and I learnt a great deal from it. I liked both methods (of coaching) used and found it very useful to actually use them during the session.

Tutor: Annabel Roberts (Coaching for Hypnotherapists)

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Informative, interactive, energetic. Will definitely use many techniques. Thank You!

Tutor: Annabel Roberts (Coaching for Hypnotherapists)

I've been in business now for just over 12 months and found the Building Your Practice / Marketing workshop really useful. It reinforced the fact that I'm on the right track with many aspects of my business but also highlighted areas of my marketing that need attention. I came away with a list of practical steps that I could go and attend to straight away. Lorraine is a very knowledgeable and experienced business woman. Her delivery is straight-forward and with a good deal of humour. A very useful day. Thank you.

Tutor: Lorraine McReight (Therapy Business Success - Practice building)

Rob was easy to listen to, interesting, eloquent. A great day. 10/10

Tutor: Robert Perkins (NLP Rapid Change Techniques)

I liked the tone and delivery of the session. Good and practical information. Very humble and and willing to answer questions. Thanks!

Tutor: Robert Perkins (NLP Rapid Change Techniques)

Really enjoyed the subject and the support during the practical sessions.

Tutor: Hari Vaudrey (Introduction to Havening)

I enjoyed the course - was low key and relaxing. Material presented in a calm and reasoned fashion, very helpful, inspiring and enjoyable day.

Tutor: Hari Vaudrey (Introduction to Havening)

Thank you so much for your beautiful demonstration last Wednesday. It was definitely by far one of the best demonstrations that I have experienced.

Tutor: Lorraine McReight (Mindfulness methods for self-hypnosis)

Nicely paced day, good balance of theory and demo. Very interesting and useful day, will be utilising EMDR. Thank you.

Tutor: Nick Cooke (Advanced Pattern Interruptions CPD Training)

I really enjoyed the flexibility and pace of training. I like that the focus changed depending on what people wanted to work with. I thought the demo was really helpful.

Tutor: Richard Nicholls’ (Creative Regression Techniques CPD Training)

Wonderful day of learning and high energy. Lots of exercises and demos and interaction with group. Clear and easy to read handouts. Hilary really engaged with us as a group I felt.

Tutor: Hilary Norris-Evans (Anxiety States CPD Training)

Brilliant day, great fun, learned lots. Achieved what I wanted. Can’t wait to start practice.

Tutor: Hilary Norris-Evans (Ericksonian Hypnosis CPD training)

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