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Feedback from students on:

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Training

I really can't recommend this course highly enough. I had been toying with the idea of signing up for two years and my only regret is that I took so long to decide. The course is very well structured and informative and Lorraine and Abbey are very friendly and supportive. The class sizes are small and well balanced and there are demonstrations and plenty of hands on experience, which turned out to be not as daunting as I first thought. The other students are also very friendly and I feel I have already made some lifelong friends. There is of course additional reading and research to undertake, because like every other course or training programme, you cannot possibly fit everything in and of course learning and development does not stop once you have qualified.

You do need to find some volunteers for your case studies, but this was far easier than I had imagined. Hypnotherapy is rapidly growing in popularity and there are lots of people who are interested in finding out more.

The Academy also offers additional talks through their CPD programme, with external speakers and these are extremely valuable and well worth attending, as well as peer group meetings where you get an opportunity to meet with both students and experienced hypnotherapists from across London.

Lorraine is very professional and clearly puts a great deal of work and planning into each of the modules. The course is recognised by the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH) and you can go on to obtain an externally awarded diploma with them if you wish.

What I have found really helpful - as I work full time and have quite a busy life - is that the course is run over weekends or weekdays, you can fast track if you want but there is also a lot of flexibility, and I can't imagine there are any other courses that offer that.

Val T

I have been practicing reflexology for over 20 years and found it fascinating, insightful and thoroughly enjoyable studying Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Solution Focus Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotberapy with Lorraine. Definitely beneficial to my practice with view to training in hypnobirthing in the future. Lorraine was excellent at sharing all her wisdom and experience and always keen to do her utmost to help. An added bonus is that I met some truly lovely people that I have stayed connected to!


There are so many positive aspects of the learning structure and style of LHA that enhanced my education. On my first day I was extremely nervous but realising students of all levels were in the class helped to ease my nerves. The hands-on learning structure is so helpful and is practiced in each class but without any pressure. Tutors and instructors are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and committed to helping the students learning the material.


LHA delivers exactly as it sells itself. I would also add that when you graduate you truly do feel experienced and confident enough to start charging clients.


Having looked at several courses from different providers I chose LHA as the range of methods and approaches offered is very comprehensive. The small class sizes allow for really good interaction with both the tutor and other students which makes for a feeling of inclusion and positive participation. Lorraine, the course tutor, proved to be highly experienced and intuitively shared that experience throughout the training and ensures you receive the individual attention required to complete your hypnotherapy qualification.


I would recommend the London Hypnotherapy Academy as an excellent training experience for anyone who wants to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence in order to go ahead and set up as a hypnotherapist.

The course tutor has a wealth of practical therapeutic experience and an easy way of communicating with students, establishing very good rapport that makes learning enjoyable and relaxed in a conducive classroom environment.

I benefited from the small class sizes with plenty of individual attention from the course tutor and opportunities to practice the skills I had been taught in a supportive environment. The course itself is broad and gives students the skills and approaches necessary to build up a useful and relevant set of therapeutic skills in order to be an effective hypnotherapist. There are also a number of practical demonstrations involving real voluntary clients. This is invaluable as a means of extending our knowledge.

Lorraine, our tutor, really makes sure that we understand how and why particular skills and approaches work and when to choose them in a therapeutic environment. She is intuitive both in terms of hands-on therapeutic knowledge and understanding and also too in terms of what each individual student she is teaching needs in order to do well.

I really benefited from the feedback that my tutor gave me in response to submitting my case studies as part of the academic process. Feedback was useful, detailed and informative. This is one of the great strengths of this course - the tutor absolutely devotes a great deal of time and attention to making sure that students are practice-ready. Everyone definitely feels that they have been heard, supported and given a personalised learning experience.


The London Hypnotherapy Academy course covers a range of different methods & approaches, which is essential for successfully working with clients, as no two are the same! One of the most important things that Lorraine, the course tutor, teaches throughout, is the importance of building rapport with clients, & how to utilise the information they give effectively, which is the basis for all good therapy.

The modular design of the course means that you meet a whole variety of other students from diverse backgrounds; & at the same time, class sizes are small, meaning that each student receives attention when necessary. Lorraine makes time to discuss individual concerns with her students, & I felt very much supported by her, both in the constructive feedback I received for each of my case studies, & with any issues that arose with my volunteer clients.

This is a very "hands on" course, with plenty of opportunity for practising in a supported environment, and extremely valuable demonstrations of hypnotherapy with real clients. Lorraine has a wealth of experience as a practicing therapist, & also a range of connections with other experts, who teach as guest tutors on the course. She is very good at prompting students to use their own initiative, which really enables everyone to explore the choice of different approaches to hypnotherapy, & when to use these appropriately for maximum effect.

Lorraine sets high standards for her students, in order to produce the best therapists, whilst still being supportive of their individual needs & circumstances. It is hard work, but extremely rewarding, & after each weekend of training I came away with further skills & a renewed sense of confidence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, & would recommend it to anyone looking to train as a hypnotherapist.


Here is an article by a former student about her training experience. She is now a qualified and practising therapist.

I came into hypnotherapy as a bit of a novice.I had read about hypnotherapy and watched some videos online to get a feel for it. 

Read more... http://bit.ly/2lHCtUb

Undertaking the LHA Hypnotherapy training has been a truly life-enriching undertaking. I started off wanting to learn more about a topic in which I had a long-term interest; but ended up improving my confidence, my resilience and learning a number of techniques which I can use not just in hypnotherapy but also in my personal and professional life. The LHA has taught me much more than the basic skills that you need to just hypnotise people. I’ve also developed the skills to read people, to understand their real meaning, to ask the right question, and to say things in the right way to get the best reception. Lorraine’s passion and enthusiasm is clear from the first minute of the first day.

I wonder when you will make the decision to contact the LHA and take the first step in your hypnotherapy journey.


I enjoyed the variety of the training both in terms of the different techniques and specialisms learnt, and the numerous learning approaches. I found the class demonstrations with actual clients particularly beneficial, and there were plenty of opportunities to practise with other class members. The small class sizes ensured that everyone received individual attention, and the relaxed and informal approach ensured a positive group dynamic. I started practising as soon as I graduated, and feel the training has given me an excellent foundation on which to build my practice.


When I was looking for a Hypnotherapy course the amount of choice seemed overwhelming and I found myself confused by the jargon and various styles of teaching the subject. I wanted something that would be both straightforward and broad in its content and this was what attracted me to the London Hypnotherapy Academy course. It has been a successful choice for me as the class sizes were perfect, the teaching was clear and Lorraine always paced the classes well.

Lorraine has a good understanding of individuality of her students and their needs. She uses a range of teaching styles and methods and the overall atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable.

Lorraine is also very informed on practice management. The resources that were included on this subject were especially useful to me and have given me confidence to move into practice as well understanding the importance of marketing. This was something I didn’t know I needed when I started out looking for a course but it has been especially valuable to me.


One of my favourite things about this course was the ability to practise each one of the techniques with my colleagues in a safe environment in class. Another thing I really liked about this course was the diversity of areas within hypnotherapy which were covered, which allowed me to choose the area which was most suited to my personal style. Last but not least, the amount of support I had during the course and even after I finished the classes was great. And I couldn’t finish this testimonial without thanking Lorraine so much for her effort and dedication and her amazing classes that she put together and all the amazing guests we had during this course. Thank you!


I chose Lorraine's course as I liked the idea of a small group and the content of the modules was excellent. I was certainly not disappointed! Lorraine has so much good experience and is a friendly, helpful tutor and sessions with volunteer clients were particularly useful and informative. We were encouraged to practice on friends and family from very early in the course which was good advice as it really builds your confidence and the practical work within the modules was great experience. I enjoyed the course so much I didn't want it to finish but I am looking forward to completing my case studies and HPD and starting up in practice as a Hypnotherapist.


I liked the four modules. I felt very comfortable with the lovely group of students and felt Lorraine encouraged us while we practised with each other and was good at listening to us and correcting/altering any confusions or misconceptions. Lorraine was our main tutor and was very knowledgeable, experienced and committed. It's also nice to have different tutors from time to time and Annabel, who taught the life coaching module was very good too. Lorraine was a very good trainer who explained ideas well and was encouraging. The students were lovely and supported each other really well. The content was very interesting.


I have recently completed my Hypnotherapy diploma training at the London Hypnotherapy Academy and am now launching my own practice in Brighton! 

I chose this course as I felt confident that I would receive a good balance between learning and practicing and get close up attention from the tutors. The small group size was a definite plus point, there was no hiding at the back and there was opportunity for plenty of lively discussion and mutual support. 

The syllabus was well defined and broken down into manageable and easily understandable sections which then fitted together to provide a thorough and in depth knowledge of the whole subject. The assignments were challenging but manageable (even for someone working full time and with other commitments) and guidance and support offered throughout.

Lorraine is a dedicated and enthusiastic tutor, she teaches from experience and has an easy and informal style. I wholeheartedly recommend choosing this course if you wish to qualify with a deep understanding of the subject, great client skills and, very importantly, the marketing knowhow and confidence to get your business up and running.
The course was very friendly, full of content and with lots of practical experience which you definitely need. I really enjoyed the course and feel I have learned a lot. I have the confidence to set up in practice and am enjoying case studies as the practical work we covered was so good.

The training was very thorough and clear. It was not formal or set out in the classroom style which made the students feel more at ease. The structure of the modules covered everything in detail as I expected.

All the tutors delivered in depth knowledge of the subject being taught.

I really enjoyed the experience and the class size was the right size for interacting and practising the new techniques. I have learnt many new skills on the course.

I would certainly recommend any potential trainee who are interested in starting a hypnotherapy business.


Having considered doing an online training before joining I believe attending classes in person should be the only option when it comes to hypnotherapy training. I have met amazing people there many of whom I stay in touch with. It is a great platform to work from.

There’s no doubt Lorraine has extensive knowledge of the subject taught. Her therapeutic experience provided an extra level of information, which I always appreciated. You can see Lorraine is very committed to the training and to each individual student. She always has time to talk to them before the class, during a break or after the training has finished.

One of the guest tutors, Hillary – love her! Not only was she very knowledgeable but also very warm and very approachable. Plus, she presented my favourite subject – instant and rapid inductions. Amazing session.

(via college feedback form)

The training was very thorough and clear. It was not formal or set out in the classroom style which made the students feel more at ease. The structure of the modules covered everything in detail as I expected. 

All the tutors delivered in depth knowledge of the subject being taught. 

I really enjoyed the experience and the class size was the right size for interacting and practising the new techniques. I have learnt many new skills on the course.

I would certainly recommend any potential trainee who are interested in starting a hypnotherapy business.


An excellent session, very well organised and presented. A clear structure, well planned and I learnt a great deal from it. I liked both methods (of coaching) used and found it very useful to actually use them during the session.
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I am over halfway through the Hypnotherapy Diploma training and am really enjoying the course. Lorraine is an excellent tutor and packs a lot of information into each session. So glad the group is small - one of the reasons I chose this course and Lorraine is very approachable. Also great marketing advice.

Lorraine is very good at explaining the course content and very supportive with practical work; very friendly and has a great rapport with students.


I am very happy with my decision to choose Lorraine's course, having spent a lot of time considering the many options. I have just completed Cognitive Behavioural module and I will definitely go on to complete the other three modules. The class is small and friendly and there is loads of opportunity for practical learning in a supportive environment and we are encouraged to explore and develop our own individual 'style'


Your teaching (Lorraine) is just great; calm, thoughtful and knowledgeable. You keep things light but always take questions seriously and provide full and understandable explanations. The 'live' demo was of huge value. I felt clear at all times about what was happening, what was expected of me. It felt safe and calm and was a great learning environment.


So much more comprehensive than I expected. Absolutely loving the course!

Gail (2) 

Very useful demonstration of challenging negative thoughts (by Lorraine). The sensory questionnaire also useful. Enthusiastically delivered. Very good marketing advice.

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Great part of the course (NLP Coaching). Very interesting content that was so practical. Bob's style (Robert Perkins) was open and engaging which helped in the more complicated areas.


Lorraine is a really approachable and supportive therapist, willing to chat and share her experience and ideas which have inspired me.


I really enjoyed Lorraine's pragmatic approach to teaching which was really engaging and thought provoking. Her obvious knowledge of the subject and her real life experience with clients really brought the topics to life and filled me with confidence to use the techniques with clients. I found her exercises around business development particularly useful and practical. I would honestly recommend Lorraine's courses. 


Lorraine's training exercises added a very insightful dimension to our Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Training Module in several ways. Drawing on her considerable experience as a therapist, her training on weight loss and eating issues, including limiting and misguiding beliefs, habitual eating patterns, emotional triggers was enthusiastically delivered and was useful to me as a trainee therapist hoping to specialise in this area. Her training style is clear, informative and honest, posing thought-provoking arguments to keep delegates challenged and actively engaged in the subject matter. This approach was also evident in her useful contributions on Mindfulness self-hypnosis and sensory awareness exercises, both very useful additions to our Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy toolbox. Thank You Lorraine. 


Great to have a different style today. Lorraine obviously a great therapist - interesting to see the behaviour shift from high assertion in training mode to high supportive (during demonstration with a class member) in therapist mode.

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Wow, Lorraine was dynamite! No trouble getting rapport with the group. It was like spending quality time with a good friend - a friend not afraid of disclosure, very funny and very likeable and a mine of useful information. (What a shame I didn't take notes because there weren't any powerpoints - though I liked not having them!) Useful advice about scripts, inductions and deepeners and some good handouts and practice sessions. 

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Lots of good practical advice. Great fun while learning together. Nice not to have powerpoint for a day! Great pace to the day! Just wanted to be able to learn more from Lorraine. 

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Really useful info about how she (Lorraine) had put her business together and her style of work. The inductions were good even though I had seem some of them before (on a previous course) as they were useful for others. She showed us how to work with a 'resistant' client and lots of ethical considerations. The self-hypnosis script was useful as I think we were all focused on the therapists role and clients listening to us on CD, not them doing it. 

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An excellent day full of practical, useful information. (Lorraine's) delivery was calm, relaxed, flexible and funny. Nice not to have powerpoint all day. At the end of the day I was more confident regarding reaching my goal to become a hypnotherapist. 

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Fantastic teaching style (Lorraine). Wonderful content and good scripts. Good insights into marketing. 

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